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There is no other law firm in the state like us. We are dedicated to becoming the best auto accident lawyers in Canada and we believe in practicing only one field of law.

Our team, which consists of over 20 auto accident lawyers as well as a sizable paralegal and support staff, has been entirely committed to assisting victims of automobile, truck, and motorcycle accidents for more than 50 years.

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Lawyers Weekly, to cite:

«The biggest law firm in Canada wholly dedicated to serious auto accidents.»

The auto accident injury lawyers frequently obtain the highest-reported verdicts and settlements in the state because of our concentration and expertise.

Just a few of our most recent settlements are shown below:


$ 34
  • Following a last $14 million offer from the insurance company


$ 14
  • The most recent insurance company bid was $25,000


$ 10
  • Two other attorneys missed $9 million in additional insurance coverage, which Ontario Auto Law discovered.


$ 9 Million
  • The last insurance company offer to the former lawyer was $1 million.


$ 6
  • Final insurance company offer of $400,000 to referred/previous counsel


$ 5
  • Prior to trial, the insurance company offered $500,000 ($1,000,000 during jury deliberations).

The following is an important summary of how those case outcomes fit into auto accident lawyers Toronto overall track record:

«We has been ranked with the highest reported settlements and trial judgments in Toronto for 17 years straight... This outstanding track record outperforms every other legal company in Toronto.»

For additional information on the most notable trial verdicts and settlements lawyers auto accidents have obtained for our clients.

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Great settlements and verdicts are obtained in more than 98 percent of cases.

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As experts in the legal profession, our lawyers are the top auto accident attorneys in Toronto defending the legal rights of accident victims.

Exceptional Honors and Awards

Learn why Canada vehicle law is the state’s most prestigious vehicle accident law practice.

Auto accident law experts

In Toronto, our best auto accident lawyers instruct other lawyers at national legal seminars.

Independent Organizations have repeatedly named us as having the best auto accident lawyers in Toronto

"Probably the Best in the Business," according to Toronto weekly

We are appreciative of all the successes that auto accident lawyers dedication has brought about.

But the thing of which we are most proud is how we handle our customers. Every our client is always given the highest consideration, respect, and sensitivity. As soon as you sign up as our client, the same will apply to you.

We encourage you to read any of our client testimonials from throughout the state to get an idea for yourself.

«The Best Lawyers in Canada» list has included auto accident lawyers Toronto

Best auto accident lawyers Toronto have been included in the “The Best Lawyers in Canada” directory for the tenth consecutive year, an honour given to no more than 5% of the nation’s lawyers.

The Best Accident Law Firms According to Canada News

For the eighth year running, auto accident lawyers has been recognized as a Tier 1 firm for vehicle collision litigation in Toronto, according to Canada News. We was included in the 2018 edition of “Best Law Firms” by this publication.

Who is the finest auto accident lawyers Toronto for your case?

The best auto accident lawyers in Toronto for your case is one who: (1) focuses on auto accident cases; (2) has a history of million-dollar verdicts and settlements; (3) treats clients with compassion, care, and respect; (4) promptly returns calls; and (5) has received positive feedback from previous clients.

Crash victims should seriously evaluate – and ask tough questions about – the following 10 significant problems to assist them choose which of the more than 42,000 auto accidents lawyers is the best one for them:

  1. Results: Does the legal firm have a history of successfully obtaining significant judgments and settlements on behalf of its clients?
  2. Client care: Do the reviews of a legal company indicate that the lawyers treat their clients with decency, compassion, respect, and dignity?
  3. Focus: Do the lawyers assert that they are the greatest car accident attorneys for your Toronto case, with the best expertise and training in No-Fault legislation and knowing all of its ins and outs like the back of their hand, or do they only dabble in such cases?
  4. What services is the law firm able to provide to meet your demands as a client?
  5. Leadership: What distinctions and awards have the law firm’s lawyers received?
  6. How frequently are the attorneys at the legal firm consulted as “experts” by newspapers, TV, and radio?
  7. Commitment: Are the attorneys so dedicated to aiding victims of automobile, truck, and motorcycle accidents that they freely impart their extensive knowledge to other attorneys?
  8. Participation: Are the lawyers active in organizations, associations, and committees whose goals are to defend the rights of those injured in traffic accidents?
  9. Do the legal firm’s attorneys and their resources allow them to successfully compete against the powerful auto insurance companies?
  10. How is the legal firm compensated for assisting you?

How can you select Toronto's best auto accident lawyers for your case? Make a call to Ontario auto accident lawyers now

You can speak to an experienced auto accident lawyer at (905) 738-2063 for a free consultation about choosing the auto accident injury lawyers in Toronto for your case if you or a loved one has sustained serious car accident injuries and you have questions about your legal rights to pain and suffering compensation, economic damages, and auto No-Fault insurance benefits. By visiting our contact page or using the chat tool on our website, you may also obtain assistance from a skilled vehicle accident lawyer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone found guilty of leaving the scene of an accident without stopping might get a minimum of five years in jail and a maximum of ten years if the accident resulted in injury. The hit-and-run driver may receive a life term in jail if a fatality results from the collision.

Simple driving infractions like speeding or dangerous lane changes could not even result in prosecution. Criminal carelessness that results in death is an indictable offence with a life sentence as the maximum penalty.

If your state is a blame state, the accident’s perpetrator is liable for any injuries sustained by anybody. Your insurance provider would get a claim from the other motorist, and you or your auto insurance would cover any losses. However, each party’s vehicle insurance often compensates their losses in a no-fault jurisdiction.

You can sue the other driver or claim their insurance if they lied about what they did when they were responsible for a vehicle accident that left them with significant injuries.

You would typically just have to deal with a personal injury claim. On the other hand, if the accident was brought on by your negligence, leaving the scene might result in you being sentenced to jail time.

The involved insurance firms will start their inquiry when an accident is reported. They will interview the drivers, passengers, and bystanders and review any accessible photos of the site to determine the extent of the damage.

lawfully parked vehicle: You are responsible if you hit a lawfully parked vehicle. unlawfully parked car: If you collide with an unlawfully parked automobile, the illegally parked car is usually to blame. Opening your Door: You are responsible if you open your automobile door and collide with another vehicle.

An expert will measure the length of the skid marks to ascertain the speed of the vehicle. When a car’s tires lock and are dragged across the pavement, skid marks are left behind. The skid marks on each tire will be measured, and the average skid distance will be calculated by summing the lengths and dividing by four.

There are three levels of no-fault accident compensation in Ontario, and the maximum amount that may be used for medical and rehabilitation treatment varies for each level: Guidelines for Minor Injuries (up to $3,500) Injuries that are not catastrophic (up to a maximum of $65,000) Catastrophic Impairment (up to $1,000,000 maximum)

An automobile collision is considered small if the total damage is less than $2,000, there are no injuries, and there are no indications of intoxication or other criminal activities.

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